1031 Exchange Resources

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Most Exchangers do not realize that the 1031 exchange industry is largely unregulated. This means that Exchangers need to remain hyper aware of their exchange funds while on deposit with their Qualified Intermediary as well as maintain daily visibility into their exchange progress as they move through the 180 day exchange period.

With our secure client portal every Exchanger is assurred that not only are their funds safe in a Qualified Escrow Account, they can also view every aspect of their exchange 24/7 in their own secure client workspace.

  • We've completed more than 40,000 exchanges
  • A skilled team of veteran Exchange Officers
  • Unprecented 24/7 transactional visibility
  • True funds security with QEA trust accounts
  • Unique 1031 oriented technologies and client wizards
  • Referrals for investment grade property alternatives