1031 Exchange Multimedia

Like Kind Property Defined

The IRS requires that any properties involved in a 1031 exchange need to be what are known as 'like kind' properties. Learn the exact definition of 'like kind' with this video.

Equity and Capital Gain Defined

Your equity and your capital gain represent two individual numbers which will figure prominently in your 1031 exchange. Learn how to calculate both your equity and capital gain.

Deferred or Delayed Exchanges

Deferred or delayed exchanges are by far the most popular type of exchange completed today. This allows you a total of 180 days to complete the exchange which includes the 45 day ID period.

Reverse Exchanges Explained

There are times when circumstances will dictate that an Exchanger must buy before they can sell. This is a process known as a reverse exchange. Learn about reverse dynamics in this video.

Improvement Exchanges Explained

Sometimes Replacement Properties require some improvement or construction in order to meet the need of the Exchanger. These improvement or construction exchanges can be tricky. Find out why.

Replacement Property Identification

The most difficult part of any exchange is the successful identification of potential Replacement Properties within the 45 day ID Period. Learn the identification rules with this video.

Avoid These 1031 Pitfalls

Their are a few pitfalls which the experienced Exchanger will always avoid. Check out this video to find the items which when understood will ensure a smooth and uneventful 1031 exchange.

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