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The 1031 Exchange. The Nation's Greatest Wealth Building Tool!

Tax deferred exchanging has been in the Internal Revenue Code for almost 100 years and it still represents the best wealth building vehicle available to investment property owners from coast to coast.

In order to complete a compliant 1031 exchange there are a few keys rules with which you must be familiar. The three item below represent the main rules set forth by the IRS for your exchange.

180 Day Exchange Period
45 Day Identification Period
You must use a Qualified Intermediary

In addition to the rules regarding timing and the types of properties available to be exchanged, here are a few guidelines which will help streamline your exchange.

  • Start 1031 Before Closing
  • Exchange as the Same Entity
  • Buy What You Identified
  • Don't Forget Your 1031 Math

Once your exchange has been completed you'll need to include the details associated with your exchange on your next tax return. You'll need to attach IRS Form 8824 with your tax return. It is a one page form which informs the Internal revenue Services regarding your underlying 1031 exchange math and which allows you to transfer your adjusted cost basis from your Rel9nquished Property into your Replacement Property. This is also the form where you will report any cash or mortgage boot as well as any tax owing.

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The Keys to Exchanging

Here's an index of the items which will asisst you in streamlining your exchange.

1031 FAQ
1031 Questions and Answers

If you just have a quick 1031 exchange related question you may just find it here.

Property Vesting Wizard

It is always best to buy as the same entity in which you sold. Find out why here.

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An Introduction to FYNTEX

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The Industry's Best Exchanger Experience
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The team of Exchange Officers who assist with your exchange have successfully completed tens of thousands of 1031s.

State of the Art Processing

Fyntex leads the 1031 exchange industry through the technology and data security of their Fyntex Exchange Center.

24/7 Exchanger Visibility

Exchangers have direct access to their exchange documents, funds on deposit and the ability to communicate securely.

Absolute Funds Security

Fyntex uses Qualified Escrow Accounts. Our banks will never move funds without the authorization of the Exchanger.

Online Identification Wizard

Fyntex has a secure online identification tool so Exchangers can ID Replacement Property from their smartphone.

Secure Communications

All comunication between Exchangers and their Exchange Officer are encrypted and all uploads / downloads are secure.

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1031 Exchange Multimedia Library

Here's a series of tutorial videos which are categorized by subject matter.

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Understand your 1031 exchange math


It is important to understand how the math associated with a 1031 exchange can impacts your ownership. A completed 1031 exchange not only defers capital gain and depreciation recapture taxes, it also dramatically increases your buying power as well.

When considering a Replacement Property you need to know how much property value to acquire to successfully defer your capital gain and depreciation recapture taxes. To assist you, this nearby wizard will help you determine your ideal net purchase price, cash downpayment and the amount of debt you'll need to have a toally tax deferred transaction.


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