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We've partnered with FYNTEX, the nation's leading 1031 exchange processor to assist us with the facilitattion of exchange for our clients. FYNTEX leads the tax deferred industry with the best 1031 exchange expertise, processes, personnel and an approach to funds security and Exchanger visibility which is unsurpassed.
  • 1031 advisory services
  • Exchange planning
  • Complete Intermediary services
  • No cost Qualified Escrow Account
  • 24/7 Visibility with the Client Portal
  • Replacement Property alternatives
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1031 Exchange Multimedia

Like Kind Properties

All properties included in a 1031 exchange must be considered like kind properties.

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Equity and Capital Gain

Equity and capital gain are two figures which you should always understand.
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Deferred Exchange

This is the most popular form of exchanging which includes a 180 day exchange period.
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Reverse Exchange

Sometimes circumstances dictate that you buy before you sell. This is how it is done.
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Improvement Exchange

Can you build a new Replacement Property? Absolutely! But learn how here.
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Property Identification

The most difficult part of any exchange is successfully identifying new property.
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Easy 1031 Exchange Math

A completed 1031 exchange not only defers capital gain and depreciation recapture taxes, it dramatically increases your buying power as well. The IRS allows you to defer your capital gain taxes because they view it as simply moving your costs basis from one qualifying property to another.


It is important to understand how the underlying math can impact the value of your Replacement Property. For instance, this nearby wizard will help you determine your ideal net purchase price, cash downpayment and the amount of debt you'll need to have a toally tax deferred transaction.

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There are approximately 300,000 tax deferred exchanges completed annually in the United States. To accommodate the education and diligence of every potential Exchanger as well as securely processing such a transactional volume requires an experienced and capabable team.

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