Tax Deferred Exchange Information

1031 Exchange Tutorials

Follow these steps for a successful 1031 exchange

The 1031 Exchange Process

  • 01

    Plan First

    Always plan your exchange first to streamline the process.

  • 02

    Select Intermediary

    Select the Faciltator to hold your funds during the exchange.

  • 03

    Sell Relinquished

    Execute your exchange documents and close on the sale of your Relinquished Property.

  • 04

    ID New Property

    Within 45 days identify your candidate Replacement Properties.

  • 05

    Buy Replacement

    Acquire Replacement Property within 180 days and report the exchange on your tax return.

Explore the Smart Way to 1031 exchange

Tax deferred exchanges don't have to be difficult, but they always proceed more seamlessly when you have an experienced real estate professional on your team and the assistance of a state of the art Qualified Intermediary likke Fyntex.

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State of the Art 1031 Processing

Insist that your 1031 is facilitated seamlessly

We've partnered with Fyntex, one of the tax deferred exchange industry's leading 1031 facilitators. Their advisory services and processing platform provide any property owner with an unprecented Exchanger experience.

Fast secure documents

Often, time is of the essence in getting your exchange started. Fyntex can take your exchange from planning to documents in minutes, not days.

24/7 Exchanger visibility

Your Exchanger experienced is improved with ready and securely encrypted access to your documents, 1031 funds, and all communications.

Unsurpassed funds security

Fyntex only uses Qualified Escrow Acounts. This means your funds will never move without your authorization and that of a Bank Officer.

Complete data security

No other Qualified Intermediary has an equivalent end to end processing solution. There is no other platform more efficient or more secure.

Easy 1031 Exchange Math

It is important to understand how the math associated with a 1031 exchange can impacts your ownership. A completed 1031 exchange not only defers capital gain and depreciation recapture taxes, it also dramatically increases your buying power as well.


When considering a Replacement Property you need to know how much property value to acquire to successfully defer your capital gain and depreciation recapture taxes. To assist you, this nearby wizard will help you determine your ideal net purchase price, cash downpayment and the amount of debt you'll need to have a toally tax deferred transaction.